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About Me

I have always loved drawing and painting and as a mature student I studied Calligraphy, Lettering and Heraldry at Reigate School of Art & Design.

Work commitments and life took over and my Art was often put on the back burner.  That was until 2007 when I embarked upon an amazing adventure, a completely alternative lifestyle, living and traveling through Europe in our old motorhome called Nel with my partner Paul and our little Spanish dogs Paco & Chico

Inspired by the natural world and it's glorious array of colours, I study and draw the birds and animals that surround me.

I am in a wonderful position to be a able to meet many people, their pets and animals whilst traveling from place to place in Nel.

I have recently rediscovered the wonders of working with coloured pencils; they are easily transported, lightweight and compact, so take up little precious living space in our tiny home.

I am happy and excited to be able to work as I travel, enabling me to follow my dream of being an Artist wherever life's roads may lead.


Nel : our much loved camper van, Vida : Spanish for life/living.

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